As we welcome in 2019, I know many people decide to make New Year’s Resolutions or goals that they want to achieve. I am not a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions because I find that after about a month, I have forgotten all about them. I decided a few years ago to instead, choose a word for the year.

Before I talk about my word for 2019, I want to reflect on my word from last year: consistent. I needed (and wanted) to be consistent in all areas of my life, from my morning routine, to my beauty business, to time spent with my family, and all my duties as a mom, wife, friend, and beauty biz owner. I would find myself pulled in so many different directions at the same time and I decided to start my day with a consistent routine every morning. I would do my daily devotional, my gratitude and goal-setting journal, and write three things I wanted to complete that day. This practice set each day out to be intentional. It meant I was up at 5 AM most days so I could be prepared for my morning with the boys. By being consistent every morning and having positive intentions for each day, I began to feel less overwhelmed in my daily life.

I slowly adopted a motto, along with being consistent, and this was to simplify. I simplified my hours at the salon, I retired from seventeen years of on-location bridal makeup and turned my focus to specialized facial treatments and skin care for many of my clients. I began to simplify my personal life and became very purposeful with my time. I wrote out everything on a large calendar so everyone in the family could see it. My boys started to do more chores around the house. They grumbled of course but I told them one day they will not live with me and they must know how to take care of themselves! In 2018, I started to ask for help, which was huge for me. I also decided that some things just didn’t matter because there is no such thing as perfect. I wanted to be present, grateful, and intentional in everything that I chose to do. I also learned to give myself grace when it was a rough day where everything seemed to go sideways! The biggest takeaway in 2018 was that mindset is EVERYTHING! Stay in a positive frame of mind and it will do wonders for your soul. Being intentional every day will move you to a more purposeful life.

As I move into 2019, I am so excited for my word this year: RISE! I will rise this year to be the most exceptional version of myself. I am grateful for all the lessons I learned in 2018 but I cannot wait to see the magic of 2019. I just started writing out my goals and dreams for this year and I will share them with you as I finish them up. I would love to hear what word you have chosen for 2019. Make this year your best one yet!


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